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रेलवे सिविल इंजीनियर्स के लिए सॉफ्टवेयर Software for Railway Civil Engineers

क़ S.No. प्रोग्राम का नाम एवम उसका उपयोग
Name of Program and its use
द्वारा विकसित
Developed by
1 Software For Computing Equated Uniformly Distributed Loads from RDSO, Ver 2 (700 MB) अ.अ.मा.सं.
1 Software For Track Surfacing, Ver 6.1 ईरिसेन
2 New Version of Software for Curves Realignment (Dec 2014)
For calculating the solutions for disturbed curves
Windows 8 Editions
Shri एम एस एकबोटे
M S Ekbote Retd AMCE
3 Layout calculations 2013
For calculating the lengths and other details required for layouts. This programme has been written in visual basic 2008 and require .Net Framework & Chart. User should read the installation instructions before installing the program.
Shri एम एस एकबोटे
M S Ekbote Retd AMCE
4 Rail Stresses Shri एम एस एकबोटे
M S Ekbote Retd AMCE
5 New Software for Curves Calculation 2013 Shri एम एस एकबोटे
M S Ekbote Retd AMCE
6 New program on Gang Strength Calculation 2014 based on MCNTM report
Program in MS-Excel format (Gang Strength calculation based on MCNTM)
For working out the manpower requirement for the permanent way staff
7 Program for Calculation of Earthwork
On Line version of the program
For computing the earthwork for new lines as well as widening of cess
के रविन्द्र बाबु
K. Ravindra Babu
8 Speed on Curves
For calculating the permissible speeds on curves
Srijan Tripathi and Yogesh Verma 1998 batch IRSE probationers
9 Track Surfacing
Program for track surfacing
एन अरविंदन
N Aravindan, Retd AMCE
10 Track Geometry Index Analyser
For analysing Track Geometry Index
11 Mix Design
For concrete mix design
12 Track Diagram-
13 Program on Realignment of Curves
Note: Please use any angle between 10 degrees to 45 degrees for the initial station inclination to get the proper plot of the curve
आर पी सिंह
R P Singh, Sr Instructor, CETA, Kanpur
15 Program on Analysis of results of TRC to get the tamping requirement
Note: The password for importing the file into the programme is CEtmc
आर पी सिंह
R P Singh, Sr Instructor, CETA, Kanpur
16 Ring 150 Masonry arch bridge analysis softwareRing is the latest version of the highly successful RING software for the analysis of masonry arch bridges

General Note:

These programs are dedicated single purpose programs developed by the brilliant engineers of Indian Railways who have worked beyond their normal duties and brought out these. The programs are required to be understood and got accustomed to, before the user can get meaningful results out of these. It may be remembered that the knowledge of the theory behind the purpose for which the programs have been written might still be a pre-requisite for getting results.

Common Instructions for all programs:
Normally the programs are in zip format and use the win RAR encryption If your computer does not have winRAR the evaluation version of the same can be downloaded for free from the internet.

For using the programs, unzip the folder uploaded by IRICEN and save the contents in some known directory. In the unzipped file, there are installation files which will guide the rest of the installation. Some programs are not installed and have to be run from the '.exe' file every time.

Most of the programs contain the help files and instructions also. Use these for using the programs. In case of any problem, please contact the original authors or the IRICEN faculty who teaches the subject. For Gang Strength program:

Read the “Instructions-Manpower program.pdf” file and proceed. Refer to MCNTM report for anything which is not clear.

For Re-alignment of Curves program: Read the help file in word format in the zip folder and proceed.

For Layout Calculations program: Read the help file in word format in the zip folder and proceed. The program uploaded here is the latest version of the software developed. This is based on the standard procedure for layout calculations, background for which is covered in the IRICEN book on layout calculation.

For Curve Calculations program: Read the help file in word format in the zip folder and proceed.

For Earthwork Calculation program: Read the help file which is installed along with the program and proceed.

For TGI & Mix-Design programs at Sr Nos.3 & 4 : Double Click on Setup.exe file and follow the instructions on the screen (This is the standard procedure for installing and Windows-based Program)

For Speed on Curves program: Screen Resolution to be set to 800 x 600 pixels Run Setup.exe for installing Requires Windows'95 or later version Username and Password is “iricen”. Please read the help file provided in the zip file.

For Track Diagram program: Run Setup.exe from \Netsetup Folder which is within the Track Diagram Folder

For Track Surfacing program: Copy contents to any directory on PC Switch over to DOS mode (Start→Programs→MS DOS Prompt) Run TS.exe at the command prompt Refer to Tsmanual.doc for further instructions For Realignment of Curves and Analysis of TRC results programs: The folders may be downloaded and the programs shall be installed to the computer. May please use these new programs and any feedback/ problems may be discussed on the IRICEN discussion forum and discussed with the author.

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