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Frequently Asked Questions

IRICEN ENCYCLOPEDIA is a new concept recently introduced. This is based on WIKIPEDIA type concept. Here are some FAQs for the same:

  • Why is the IRICEN ENCYCLOPEDIA required, we already have good website?

The website is no doubt great, but it is essentially static and only a certain mode of navigation. This does not meet aspirations of all and does not make use of the wisdom of the readers who might have information/ case studies on the subject. The same website on IRICEN ENCYCLOPEDIA concept will be interactive and lot better than what we have now.

  • Who feeds data into the IRICEN ENCYCLOPEDIA?

All of us shall feed data into the IRICEN ENCYCLOPEDIA. Small drops coming from different sources will make a big ocean very soon.

  • I went to the IRICEN ENCYCLOPEDIA, but could not make sense of how to start and what to do?

In the IRICEN ENCYCLOPEDIA, click on any link in green and you reach the concerned page. If the link was red, the IRICEN ENCYCLOPEDIA will ask whether you want to create the page. Create the page or edit the page as the case may be and you go into the editing mode for the page. Put in data, photos, links, documents, text, tables etc and be part of the knowledge base.

  • How do I put in data in the IRICEN ENCYCLOPEDIA?

When you start editing, a link appears near the top of the page which says 'syntax'. Open this page in a new tab/ window and follow the examples given therein. There is a 'playground area' where you can do trials before starting on a regular page. The language used in IRICEN ENCYCLOPEDIA is a bit like html, but lot simpler. It is slightly different to the way we work in word. For formatting text, inserting links etc, the buttons are available on top of the page after the editing is enabled.

  • What will happen to the data that I enter it?

We, at IRICEN, are monitoring the IRICEN ENCYCLOPEDIA on daily basis and any data not fed at the right place will be moved to appropriate location. We will also be decorating the data, if required. Nobody needs fear loss of data as the IRICEN ENCYCLOPEDIA has a facility of saving upto 10 old revisions and we can always restore old revisions. But please put only authenticated information. And no pornography or garbage shall be put else using the clauses of use of this website, we will be forced to cancel the membership of the concerned person to the IRICEN website and close the access to the IRICEN ENCYCLOPEDIA also. (We have the web trail of people coming and working on the IRICEN ENCYCLOPEDIA

* Can I edit all pages on the IRICEN ENCYCLOPEDIA? Can I have a separate page for myself/ my organization?
No, some pages have been reserved for particular persons/ users/ organisations. For example, IRICEN books page is for IRICEN user created for the purpose. Others can only view this page. Similarly, the Railway Board Orders is reserved for OSD to ME for posting orders. If request comes, similar pages can be created for any unit. In short, the IRICEN ENCYCLOPEDIA is a single stop solution to lots of issues with the website we currently have

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