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Annexure No.Railway Board’s letter No.Date Subject
1 95/CE-I/CT/24 13-04-05 Vigilance clearance of retired railway officers for empanelment as arbitrators.
2 95/CEI/CT/24 12-01-04 Appointment of retired railway officers as Arbitrator & their fee.
3 95/CE-I/CT/24 14-11-96 Guidelines for appointment of retired railway officers as Arbitrators.
4 2003/CE-I/CT/5 14-02-05 Disposal of Arbitration cases consequent to creation of new zones.
5 2003/CE-I/CT/5 Pt.I 18-08-04 Disposal of arbitration cases consequent of bifurcation of new zones.
6 2003/CE-I/CT/5 Pt.I 31-12-03 Disposal of arbitration cases of new zones.
7 96/CE-I/CT/29(Vol.I) 05-01-05 General Conditions of Contract Amendments to Arbitration Clause No.63 and 64 of G.C.C.Correction Slip No.4
8 2003/CEI/CT/4 09-10-03 General Conditions of Contract – Amendments to Arbitration Clause No.63 and 64 of G.C.C. Correction Slip No.3
9 96/CE.I/CT/29 22-02-02 General Conditions of Contract – Clause 63 – Matters finally determined by the Railways. Correction Slip No.2.
10 95/CEI/CT/24 13-07-04 Appointment of arbitrators from Zonal railways directly by PSUs.
11 2003/CE-I/CT/9 11-07-03 Hon’ble High Court / Guwahati’s judgement and other on the subject of payment of interest.
12 2000/CE-I/CT/39 07-06-02 Hon’ble Supreme Court’s Compendium of Instructions on Arbitration – Northern Railway orders regarding Excepted Matters.
13 2002/CE-I/CT/2 03-01-02 Monitoring of arbitration cases Railway Board’s letter forwarding SE Rly.’s guidelines.
14N.Rly.’s Letter.No.63-W/0/Pt.VIII(Policy)WA11-05-06 Fee of Arbitrators appointed by Court.
15 Railway Board’s letter No.E(G)2004 H/01-221-05-04Arbitration fee for stenos engaged by the arbitrators.
16 Railway Board’s letter No.E(G)2004 H/01-224-02-04 Remuneration of railway officers acting as arbitrators
17 N.Rly.’s Letter.No 362E/0/2/EIV 27-11-67Remuneration to railway officers acting as arbitrators – arbitrator should be of different department.
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